In an industry that so often attracts the less experienced who are drawn to the illusion of glamour or hype, Nicola Cooper & Associates stands firm in academic roots – insisting that study, impeccable research, time and experience, and an instinctual knack for the field set experts away from the pack.

We pride ourselves in the concrete methodologies and processes offered to best service lifestyle, fashion, advertising, retail and emerging consumer markets for the present and the future.

Creating growth, boosting Income.


Through years of trustworthy skills experiences, knowledge, critical thinking and analytical nature of the NC&A Associates, the business has developed products for the brand by means of conceptualising, researching, developing, constructing, delivering insights, trend talks, workshops and strategies tailored for business. 

As a result, NC&A now defines and unpacks the new landscapes of business. These include Sociological, Technological, Economic, Environmental or Political shifts which impact the lifestyle, fashion, advertising, retail and emerging consumer markets.


Our products and services have been refined and perfected over time and application by Nicola Cooper in order to assist in maximising a brand/company’s time, minimise costs and allow for a focused approach to remaining relevant; understanding current and future consumers, as well as generating growth and increasing income.



 A Comprehensive Insights, Research & Analysis Report - Tailored for your business and your consumer.
Our Tailored Trend Research Report forms the foundation of knowledge and insight to build business or marketing strategy, product or category development opportunities or the guide for creative positioning. Through these products Nicola allows NC&A's observations to develop critical and value adding research, insights and strategic recommendations for a multiple of sectors and a tiered pricing approach to allow access to knowledge at all business levels.

Through offering: The Comprehensive Tailored research Product Includes tailored a methodology, research process & product to address a clients needs & objectives

A full downloadable Report Includes Research, Insights & Strategic Recommendations With  the option for Presentation from our NC&A


An Overview Report in bite size and snackable content 

NC&A also offers a variety of PRE-PACKAGED REPORTS - Contact us


360-Degree Integrated Strategy. Our Strategy Playbook is adaptable to your needs and objectives
Whether in its full 360-Degree or category-specific format,this manual offers the unpacking of our findings in a play- by-play roll out for the most effective and precise application of trends, knowledge and insights for your brand.



A firm believer in Collaboration, Nicola Cooper & her Associates consult with both, large and small, Brands/Businesses or Independents. Often as the 'mediator' between Business and Creative, the team at NC&A realises the highest quality of creative work, with the discernment of return on investment and the bottom line.


Our workshops are directed by Nicola Cooper, a GETC (General Educational Training Certified) facilitator in outcomes-based Education. Nicola approaches each workshop opportunity with passion, warmth and patience to ensure easily digestible and entertaining content with the ability to tap into and extract the valuable and beneficial findings from her participants. She offers an innovative take on trend analysis and a knowledgeable and cutting- edge perspective on a multitude of trends, product, complexities, and creative conceptual problem solving for your business.

Keynote Speaking

A respected Keynote Speaker, Nicola unpacks Research, Trends and Insights in an engaging and accessible approach. With over almost 20 years of experience within her area of expertise, she has the understanding and know-how of the value of data, research and business intelligence, how to navigate this space in order to boost income or growth, as well as, the logical application in which to incorporate these within Business or Marketing strategies, Consumer Services and/or Product Research and Development.

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