Our team is a selection of experts, critical thinkers and game-changers. They boast perspectives of their own unique academic, lifestyle as well as cultural experiences. This diverse collective of talent enriches our strategic and creative processes, challenges perceptions, fuels innovation and offers a realistic, unbiased perspective of consumers.


As a keen academic and analyst, confessed “information junkie”, teacher, speaker and brand consultant, Nicola Cooper is a  formidable presence on Africa’s fashion and lifestyle landscapes. She is at once on the cutting-edge and anachronistic -  her observations acutely tuned to the present moment, while she is also inextricably linked to past eras and movements, her gaze is ever-set on a shifting future.

As a Trend Researcher, Analyst and Cultural Strategist, she melds her observations of time and patterns with her expertise, and ever-expanding research, to chart trends and behavior on the hyperlocal and international scale.


With qualifications in Visual Identity and Design, Business, Data Analysis, Global Sociology, and the specialisation of Identity formation within South African sub and counter cultures, Nicola humanises data to better understand the delicacies and intricacies within diverse markets and the learned eye to investigate and identify the nuances, buying patterns, tone of voice or visual core identities of local and global consumers. 

A contributor to Creative, Business and Academic Critical Discourse, Nicola has dedicated her life to understand how to develop the art and science of predication into a valuable tool. 

A respected keynote speaker, Nicola unpacks Research, Trends and Insights in an engaging and accessible approach. With over 20 years of experience in her field, she has the understanding and know-how of the value of data and business intelligence. 

Nicola Cooper is also a seasoned lecturer at UNISA, the University of Johannesburg,LISOF Fashion Design School and the Retail Educational Institute. Additionally,she serves as a guest speaker across organisations, including academic institutions such as Harvard and NYU.

Nicola’s work as a facilitator guides visual merchandisers, marketers, buyer, and directors within the Fashion,Lifestyle and Youth/Pop-Cultural sectors. 

A firm believer in collaboration, Nicola consults with both brands/businesses and independent entities – from small to large. As the 'mediator' between Business and Creative, Nicola realises the highest quality of creative work, with the discernment of return on investment and the bottom line. 



Suzi Gardner joined as NC&A as an intern in her 2nd study year and became a fully-fledged Junior Associate whilst completing her 3rd year at LISOF Fashion and Retail. She quickly proved herself to be a powerhouse researcher and analyst within NC&A firm.

A knowledgeable, passionate and committed quick study, Suzi trained directly with NC&A Founder, Nicola Cooper, and became a trusted and respected team member.  With an education across the Fashion and Retail chain Suzi is a voracious researcher with in-depth knowledge of global and local trends with a realistic understanding of product development, manufacturing and the monetisation of Trends.