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Trends Research & Analysis

We bring distinctive value to your story

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In a world that is more gets louder each day, there needs to be strategy which can help you break through the clutter. At Nicola Cooper & Associates, we provide in-depth research and analysis to help understand what the consumer of today needs. With a team of experts in relative fields, our insights and strategic input help businesses plan a smarter outcome by enhancing the buying process and driving sales within fashion, lifestyle, youth and pop-culture sectors of South Africa.
If you are a business that wants to plan ahead and remain on-trend with consumer culture, then welcome to you!  You can contact us here and together we can ensure your strategy creates an environment that improves your performance and develops a desired outcome.
The Buyer's Brand Bible

Want to enhance what retail therapy means to you? Get inspired by our our report that enhances your color and retail communication planning seasons ahead of time.

Trend Funnel Workshop

Book a session with us to alter out extraneous ideas and streamline your brand positioning in a more strategic and relevant way.

Trend Reports

Theoretical and analytical, we help you identify the key trends to help you enhance your brand story

Trend Strategy

We thrive off experiential & independent environments and so should your business so why not plan ahead.


Tailored Product Offerings

Nicola Cooper & Associates offers you decades of experience and resources

Through our partnerships, collaborations and a rich database of resources built over a career span of approximately 20 years, our Trend research, analysis and strategy is offered within our dedicated product offerings.

These products are achieved through the necessary comprehensive tried and tested research methods, a series of theoretical, analytical and practical methodologies such as:


  • The Trickle Theories
  • Beilings Flow Chart
  • Nystrom’s Theoretical Framework
  • Trend Cartograms and the acronym coined by Trendwatching.com, S.T.E.E.P. namely Sociological, Technological, Environmental and Economic & Political.
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Centre for Trend Analysis

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