Centre for Trend Analysis - Nicola Cooper
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Nicola Cooper & Associates is currently interested in developing and implementing an African Trend Research Centre. The purpose of the Centre for Trend Analysis is to fill a gap within the South African, and Pan-African, context. There currently is no trend research centre’s developing and up-skilling in the area of Trend Observation, Trend Research and Trend Analysis to Pan & South Africans. Our main mission is for the CTA to showcase an authentic story of the African fashion, lifestyle and youth & pop culture trends. We strive to connect to an extensive multicultural audience to showcase and depict narratives that are thoroughly researched and explored in a diplomatic and extensive way. This is why we aim to bridge the gap and tap into diverse markets for fresh, unrestricted perspectives on South African trends in the most strategic and ethical way possible.

If you are interested in joining this project then feel free to pop us a message!