The Trend Funnel Facilitated Workshop - Nicola Cooper
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In a world that is in constant motion, the term ‘mass market’ is no longer relevant. Targeting specific consumers and target markets has become an art rather than a shot in the dark.

The process of The Trend Funnel allows for a more creative, collaborative and less prescriptive method to create and develop a map or cartogram designers and product developers finds easier to read and understand.

As the name suggests, a trend funnel encourages a team to work through a succession and series of stages to filter out extraneous ideas until the most refined and lowest number of zones has been reached.

Situated in what is referred to as an ‘Ideation Lab’ this workshop is facilitated by GETC (General Education and Training Certified) Trained Facilitator, experienced Lecturer and Senior Fashion, Lifestyle and Pop Cultural Trend Analyst Nicola Cooper.

With this workshop, through controlled conceptual and trend facilitation, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the key trends relating to the sector under review 

  • Outline the key drivers underpinning them 

  • Define and explain any sub-trends that relate to the above 

  • Identify the key consumer typologies associated with them – those creating the trends or adapting them earlier than other groups 

  • Identify new and emerging brands, products and services associated with these trends 

  • Outline how these trends are likely to impact on the brand in terms of its tone of voice or way to market.

Hard-working workshops expertly curated for your business.

Our workshops are directed by Nicola Cooper, a GETC (General Educational Training Certified) facilitator in outcomes-based Education and seasoned Lecturer for the University of Johannesburg and LISOF Fashion Design School and Retail Educational Institute.