Imitation versus Differentiation - Nicola Cooper
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Imitation versus Differentiation

We at Nicola Cooper & Associates – Trend Research & Analysis have a few questions with regards to the concept of ‘Imitation versus Differentiation’


We are currently developing a Trend Report with regards to our 2016/17 Identified Trends, The Rise of Menswear & the #BrandRevert which focusses on the rise of #Cult Brands and Logo’s due to the recent shift in the #socio-political and cultural climate within Fashion, Lifestyle and Pop/Youth Culture

The concept of ‘Glocalisation’ which is reinterpreting international trends for a local market, local for local and local for international and the worldwide debate of #CulturalAppropriation or #ReAppropriation

Of late we have been watching the battle with larger retailers such as Forever21 and H&M re-appropriate the much-beloved cult Thrasher Magazine Logo.

In addition to contacting all the above mentioned Thrasher Magazine¬†Forever 21 H&M, HYPEBEAST as well as known local Streetwear brands to gain insight. We would like to request a public perception of ‘Imitation versus Differentiation’, ‘Glocalisation’ and #CulturalAppropriation or #ReAppropriation in regards to the Thrasher Magazine logo highlighted above and in the additional links and images attached.


  • Do you perceive to be unacceptable for large retailers to re-appropriate logos?
  • Do you perceive to be unacceptable for smaller independent brands re-appropriate logos?
  • Do you think intent should influence action?
  • Do you think that smaller independent brands should face the same or similar social media standoffs as major retailers for re-appropriation of a logo or not?
  • Which is more acceptable to you for the re-appropriation of a logo – Homage, irony or concept versus monetary gain?
  • Would it be more palatable to you if larger retailers claimed homage, irony or concept rather than forfeiting to decorative issues?
  • Is it with regards to the amount of money that the larger retailers stand to gain rather than the protection of the logo or do you believe that the same apply to smaller independent brands who have positioned ranges as an homage, irony or concept?
  • In your opinion, should smaller brands face the same ramifications such as being called out on social media platforms or sued as a result?
  • Or should Thrasher Magazine save their big guns for the big money and major corporations?


Please note that we have requested these perceptions and opinions in order to gain insight on public opinion regarding these matters.

We seek knowledge in order to provide an analysis of public opinion on the following proposed questions in order to gain data, opinions, and research in an investigative manner for the purpose of analysis and research.

Feel free to express your perspectives and personal opinions in the comments below or should you prefer to express your views privately please send a mail to or share the questions on your own private or public platforms.

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