Our Story - Nicola Cooper
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A critical gap expertly filled to increase your impact in the market.


In November 2014, Nicola Cooper, Senior Trend Researcher & Analyst, made the decision to open up the

Nicola Cooper & Associates firm, remaining a preferred supplier to Flux Trends and Trendwatching,com. Through the desire to up-skill others in the field of Trend Analysis and the solid experiences, knowledge, critical thinking and analytical nature of the team, the business has developed products for the Nicola Cooper & Associates brand through conceptualising, researching, developing, constructing, delivering trend talks, workshops and strategies tailored for each business.


In-depth research through various research methodologies, including immersive and standard methods


Utilizing various trend exercises and theories (such as Nystroms theoretical framework, the Trickle Theories etc.) to research and appropriate trends from an international to local, local-to-local and local to international perspective


Developing a Tailored Trends report in accordance to clients needs, objectives and brief


Developing and constructing Tailored Trend presentations according to client requirements


Sourcing necessary media (video, music video etc.) to position within presentations


Delivering the Trend Funnel Facilitated Workshop to clients (where & where necessary)


Implementing a strategic approach to all channels and relevant consumer insights, specific to client and category in which they work

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